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Our Story

The Mission

After years of running transformative travel experiences with the Salty Souls Experience, we started to realize how deeply Training, Yoga, Nutrition, and Empowerment complement each other. The fact that when a woman invites these four things into her life, she slowly becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The Salty Club’s mission is to make it easy for you to sharpen your body, mind and soul from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.

From anywhere,
365 Days a year.

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Our Story - The Mission

How it works

4 elements of growth
under the same roof

Stay strong and
surf ready without
an ocean or wave
in sight


Surf pushes you beyond the limits of your comfort zone. Inspired by surfing but made to be done at home, we offer unlimited functional workout videos that will quickly improve your strength, endurance and mobility. Short, challenging and sweaty, no workout is above 35 min, making it easy to squeeze into any schedule, with no equipment needed.

Focus on your yoga
practice wherever
you are in the world

Guided Yoga
& Meditation

We believe any master plan starts by cultivating the quality of your mind. Each yoga practice explores the full spectrum; asana, pranayama and meditation. The combination is important, it is how you burn through the different layers. We will keep it fun, accessible and down to earth — we can get spiritual without burning incense & wearing beaded necklaces.

healthy recipes
and ingredients
into your meals

Healthy recipes
& nutrition

Let’s make healthy easy, without compromising on pleasure! With our recipes and easy-to-follow nutrition guides you get to discover new ingredients, develop your tastebuds and learn how to incorporate more plant-rich dishes into your life. Upgrade your food habits- optimise your whole life. We got you.

Learn from
adventurous people
to stay inspired

Workshops &

What makes a woman unstoppable? It takes courage to wake up and step into big shoes everyday – we are here to offer direction from other humans who have walked the same path. Access our range of interviews and workshops that get real on career, relationships, travel, creativity, spirituality and social action. Time for the new school !

Optimization At Your Fingertips

Available on both desktop and mobile

Optimization at your fingertips

What they think


Who we are

The dream team

We are women with a burning desire to live a big life, and to help others unlock their
true potential. Here is where our passions and expertise connect. A space for our us
and our monthly collaborators to offer you what we do best.

Erika Drolet Erika Drolet
“Yoga, for me is home. It has no walls, no roof, no address, but it is the place I always come back to, no matter the weather. It is where make space for my greatest and clearest ideas to bloom.”
Erika Drolet
Yoga Teacher
Marie-Christine Amyot Marie-Christine Amyot
“Starting surfing made me realize the importance of being strong and in good shape. Working out to get better at something you’re passionate about is way more motivating!”
Marie-Christine Amyot
Surf Instructor
Caitlin Creeper Caitlin Creeper
“My goal is to share the stories of bold, passionate and empowered humans to encourage you to go and write your own epic life story.”
Caitlin Creeper
Interview Host
Monthly Collaborators Monthly Collaborators
“We welcome guest collaborators to share their magic with you each month. You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. These passionate, creative, adventurous humans are living their own legend- and want to show you how you can too.”
Monthly Collaborators
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Available on both Desktop & Mobile

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