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A way of life

The Salty Club ambassador is an active, audacious, adventurous woman with the burning desire to elevate- mind, body and soul, and encourage other sisters to level-up, too. She knows when she invites movement, mindfulness, nutrition, self-actualization and community into her life she becomes a force to be reckoned with. And so she is passionate about sharing the power of these forces with others, too. She has an engaged community and is unafraid to share the stoke both online and offline.

About Salty Souls

About Salty Souls

Born out of our passion for surfing, travel, and living a conscious life, we started the Salty Souls Experience in 2015, transformative travel experiences operating in El Salvador, Ecuador and Bali, designed to empower women. We have run around 50 retreats with 500+ women. In 2017 we further launched our digital experience, called The Salty Club. It was an online desktop membership platform for a few years, and just last year we finally took the plunge and turned it into a full-blown app!

When the pandemic hit, the app gained even more momentum and proved to be a perfect way to support our community during a difficult, uncertain time globally. Since then, we’ve been investing all our time, energy and love into expanding our platform to be able to reach and inspire as many women as possible, anywhere on earth!

How could we collaborate?

We believe that every connection has the potential to plant a seed of change. We aim to build intentional, enriching collaborations with both individuals and brands. One-night stands aren’t really our thing. 



You’re a leader in your community who loves to sweat, challenge yourself and make a positive impact. You love to share what makes you vibe both online and offline. You might also have a specific project or trip in mind that you can totally see aligning with The Salty Club ethos. Introduce yourself ! See which Ambassador Programs you might qualify for. We commit to offering you free access to tools that will help you unleash a stronger, more mindful, more embodied version of yourself.

Athlete sponsorship

Athlete sponsorship

You are an athlete, proficient in a particular sport and wanting to share some of your life-long learnings with others. You vibe with our mission, and would be stoked to contribute to our “move with the pros” video series and share your story on our podcast. In return, we’re committed to equip you with the tools and financial support that will help you accomplish some big goals. Let’s elevate together !

Teachers <br>& Content creators

& Content creators

You have an area of expertise that you want to share, and you think our members will get a tonne of value out of what you’ve got to offer. Are you a trainer, teacher, sound practitioner, nutritionist, healer or otherwise inspiring human/ teacher? Share your goods in a podcast episode, a workshop, a series, a special program… whatever you’ve got in mind, we want to hear about it. Send a demo 🙂

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