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Surf-inspired workouts Guided Yoga Meditation Healthy recipes & nutrition guides Inspiring audio interviews Access to our community
Surf-Inspired Workouts
Stay strong and
surf ready without
an ocean or wave
in sight


Surf pushes you beyond the limits of your comfort zone. Inspired by surfing but made to be done at home, we offer unlimited functional workouts videos that will quickly improve your strength, endurance and mobility. Short, challenging and sweaty, no workout is above 28mins, making it easy to squeeze into any schedule, with no equipment needed.

Guided Yoga Meditation
Focus on your yoga
practice wherever
you are in the world

Guided Yoga

We believe any master plan starts by cultivating the quality of your mind. Each yoga practice explore the full spectrum; asana, pranayama and meditation. The combination is important, it is how you burn through the different layers. We will keep it fun, accessible and down to earth — We can get spiritual without burning incense & wearing beaded necklaces.

Healthy recipes & nutrition guides
healthy recipes
and ingredients
into your meals

Healthy recipes
& nutrition

Step 1: our comprehensive nutrition guides will tell you everything you need to know about which superfoods are worth actually buying. Step 2: learn how to prepare the ingredient three ways in quick, nutritious, tasty-af meals. You will develop your tastebuds and learn how to incorporate more plant-rich foods into your life.

Inspiring audio interviews
Listen to new
& exciting
adventures to keep
you inspired

Inspiring audio

Listening to the stories of other game-changers, adventurers, rule-breakers and fire-starters who have built big, juicy, purpose-driven lives is just the spice you need to get you going on your own dream-life journey. Get access to exclusive podcast interviews with humans who embody #empowerment in the Salty Club.

Access to our community
Connect with salty
souls from around
the world

Access to
our community

You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Find your people with the Salty Club’s geo-localized platform that allows you to connect with likeminded souls wherever you are in the world.

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